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Thank you for your clinic purchase!

I’m very excited you are joining us for this Half-Day Intensive Fundamentals in Liberty Clinic on Saturday, October 21st! I hope you’re just as excited as we are. 

1. Your event will take place at Hidden Tower Stable, 9518 Reese Rd, Harvard, IL. 

2. Clinic times will start according to the start-time option you selected with the Event Coordinator (Rachel). 

3. If you haven’t already signed one, you must complete and sign a Premium Event Management/Everyday Horsemanship Liability Waiver, which I will bring to the event. 

4. For your best experience, here’s what I recommend for equipment:
     (1). Rope Halter and 14 ft Lead Rope
     (2). 4 Types of Liberty Sticks: Dressage Whip,  48.5″ Carriage Whip with short lash, 60″ Driving Whip with long lash, and 60″ Carriage Whip with short lash. These will be used interchangeably depending on the exercises we are working on. 

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I’ll see you October 21st! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email at everydayhorsemanship@gma