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How to Submit Your Audit Video

Film a maximum of a10-minute video of a problem you’re having with your horse, or of you doing liberty with your horse and I’ll submit a 5-minute video response to you.

Your video must be submitted within 7 days to receive this offer. This offer is not transferrable and only available to people within the Everyday Horsemanship: Mastering the Art of Liberty Horse Training Facebook Group.

In order to submit, you’ll have to upload your video to YouTube and grab the share link. Paste the share link in an email with the Subject Line: FREE AUDIT VIDEO.

Email all videos to: Laurabaker@everydayhorsemanship.com

Looking forward to seeing your video!

P.S: Since I can only offer just 5 audits per week, be sure to get your audit submitted so that you don’t lose this opportunity!